About Us

Simplifying wellness adding more health to life !!

Evexia means “Wellness” in Greek.
Evexia Solution PL (earlier Medimanage Health Services) has been playing the role of a health facilitator since 2009 to more than 100 corporate and with a 100% renewal rate, we have made a difference to over 50,000 lives.

In its new avatar, Evexia has built a comprehensive array of services for companies and employees with a holistic approach – Wellness.
Evexia is the realisation of a dream to promote wellness as part of the organizational culture and extend this thought to the employee families as well.

Evexia is about getting back to the basics. Looking beyond fads and at long term, cost-saving solutions. Make organizations and employees see the long term benefits of wellness and provide tools, products & services which enable companies and employees to set goals for themselves and family for better fitness, health and wellbeing.

Evexia is Head quartered in Mumbai, with a pan India presence. Our regional offices are located in Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai. We have a network of over 300 service providers.
Currently doing about 5 thousand health check annually delivered by 250 POS and 140 + location pan India. From J&K to Nicobar; & from Gujarat to Sikkim.






Corporate Wellness

Evexia.in business- Evexia.in has been started with the idea of creating healthy & happy organizations that in turn a results from healthy and happy employees. Evexia.in is not about engagements and activities only it’s about perusing and proving what our approach changed and how much and how.

Personal Wellness

Evexia believes at individual health is result of personal choices (Diet, activity, dependencies and general day to day discipline) But social and domestic influences are also strong contributor but story goes other way too. So be more to have more and change your universe…




Mission -Simplify Wellness, adding more health to life.



Vision-• Provide unrivalled, transparent health & wellness consulting to organizations and act as catalyst that serves as the shortest bridge between people’s personal need with quality partners in the health & wellness space.




  • Empathy
  • Understanding
  • Being there
  • Service
  • Motivator
  • Innovator
  • Honesty