We partner with corporates to create organizational wellness strategies that are:

  • Engaging in approach
  • Inclusive of employee expectations
  • Have long term benefits for the employee and the workplace
  • Leading to long term reduction in healthcare costs
  • Having measurable outcomes


Successful implementation of wellness strategies needs active employee participation.
Evexia focuses on effective program enablers such as:

  • Attractive and inspiring goals to motivate the employees
  • Creative communication material to keep engagement going
  • Effective monitoring for higher employee participation. Our health check programs have has over 85% employee participation


  1. Know how your family history and past medical history impacts your health
  2. Assess how healthy is your life style
  3. Act on qualified suggestions from experts
  1. Creating and delivering need based preventive health check
  2. Network of 300+ POS covering 200+ locations across India
  3. Accredited and quality providers
  1. Onsite interventions & quick time screening for large employee groups
  2. Macro level health mapping of organizations
  3. HRA tool for comprehensive assessments
  1. Consultation with nutrition and mental health experts
  2. Delivered One to One or remotely (via phone call or video)
  3. Monitoring and Assistance via Evexia network

Onsite events touching upon all the aspect of well being (Mental, physical, and emotional)

Program menu:

  • Ergonomics
  • Fitness for forty
  • Bulk to curve
  • Music therapy
  • Yoga nirvana
  • Women wellness etc
  1. Dispelling  myths that prevent you from making simple & effective wellness choices
  2. Addressing group risk identified through other wellness initiatives
  1. Platform that triggers, track and delivers all the interventions
  2. Recall of past events and calendar of future events
  3. Technology interface to most systems of  track utilization, uptakes, & reviews
  4. Online R&R programs, identify champions, wellness brand promotion & social collaboration
  5. HR dashboard for program progress & analytics on real time basis

Evexia Ecosystem


Comprehensive & executable reports

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